Petrovsky V.S., professor, doctor of technical science Ilunina A.A., docent, candidate of philology sciences Baturin K.V., postgraduate FSBEI HPE «VSAFT» DOI: 10.12737/4588

Summary: The mathematical models of tree-length felled whips in relative terms that in each species are of size adequate to real trunks were made and they were the basis of the theory of the development of software accounting systems for optimization of bucking. Mathematical models of logs in relative values were made taking into consideration tree species and place of tree-lengths cutting. All this provides a scientific basis for accounting stems of roundwood in timber production.

Keywords: accounting timber, mathematical model, software, tree trunks, tree- length, logs.

Today at different stages of timber processing much attention is paid to questions of the forest product accounting. Requirements to the organization in timber complexes increase. It is caused by constantly growing volume of information, and also need of optimization and the exact accounting of forest products.

In many warehouses due to one or other reasons, tree-lengths measurement is performed manually, the data is written on paper, and the amount is determined by taxational tables.

It is impossible to automate measurement tree-length flowing without conveyors and transporters, but we can minimize or eliminate the paper circulation of the documents in the calculation of tree-lengths, arriving at the landing, and also to make this calculation as accurate as possible [1].

To create a mathematical software system we use the following model of the tree-length:

And we transform it to calculate the volume of a tree-length using the basic dimensions in length and diameter to half the length:

Taking into account that the length of the logs in accordance with the plan of cutting Hi, H2 ... Hn, n - log sequence number in terms of cutting. We introduce the notation: When n equals 0, = 0 H0. Cutting size is denoted by P (mm).

Hence, the volume of the first timber will be equal to:


And so on.

Thus, the general form of the equation to determine the amount of any log cutting plan will be:

Thus, we have software accounting system for measuring the volume of timber in primary wood processing [2].


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