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5 (Units 14-18)

  • 1. Put the correct form of the verb in the gaps.
  • 1. The Internet was developed ... individuals access to sources of information.

a) that to give

b) to give

c) so that give

2. There are a lot of information sources ...

a) to choose from

b) in order to choose from

c) so as to choose

3. The aim of... is to make information available for public view.

a) being published

b) publishing

c) publish

4. They ... managers to use both verbal and non-verbal communication.

a) sure to expect

b) are expected

c) expect

5. Managers let subordinates ... when they are performing well in relation to unit goals and when they are performing poorly.

a) knowing

b) to know

c) know

6. Stories abound of base companies with morose workers and mounting debts ... into happy teams and healthy profits.

a) being transformed

b) transforming

c) transform

7. 70% of ventures seem ... or merge with other organizations within their first 5 years.

a) to fail

b) to have failed

c) fail

8. You need to be confident in your employee: it means ... an eye on him.

a) to keep

b) keeping

c) keep

II. Choose the appropriate word to complete these sentences.

1. Magazines fall into two broad categories to ... two main groups of readers.

a) find

b) meet

c) cater for

2. The exact contributions of entrepreneurial... to employment opportunities are likely to be controversial for some time to come.

a) force

b) endeavours

c) power

3. Quality has its own reward in terms of increased ... sales.

a) long-aim

b) long-perspective

c) long-term

4. Management has to train workforce using ...

a) peer-coaching

b) peer-learning

c) peer-drilling

5. ... quality companies are predicting problem areas.

a) running

b) monitoring

c) examining

6. You should avoid ... decisions of which your staff are capable themselves.

a) making

b) receiving

c) maintaining

7. Since delegation is ... over authority, you cannot dictate what is delegated or how that delegation is to be managed.

a) handling

b) handing

c) taking

8. The Internet opens up unforeseeable opportunities ... a global audience within minutes.

a) to turn

b) to treat

c) to address

III. Fill in the blanks in these sentences choosing the words from the list below.

  • 1. The new manager had some experience of... his responsibilities.
  • 2. The manager apologized for ... brusquely to employees questions.
  • 3. Instead of ... a newspaper or watching news on the radio, people tend to log into the Internet to get the news they want.
  • 4. The FT reports extensively on business and features extensive share and financial product ...
  • 5. The Wall Street Journal is credited with first... the story of financial abuses at Enron in July 2000.
  • 6. Communication is the exchange of messages between people for the purpose of... common goals.
  • 7. ... quality has something to do with satisfying the expectations of the customer.
  • 8. Delegation is not an excuse for ... failure onto the shoulders of subordinates.

a) picking up e) satisfying

b) delegating f) achieving

c) breaking g) dumping

d) responding h) listings

IV. Find a suitable interpretation for the underlined words and word combinations in these sentences.

1. If managers and those with whom they interact do not communicate effectively, the repercussions can be serious.

a) damage

b) repeated explosions

c) indirect bad results that may happen some time afterwards

2. You will solve many problems which the final big-bang quality check would miss out.

a) the single one explosion that some scientists suggest created the universe

b) all-round, global

c) a check in which many people take part

3. The advocates of Quality are called zealots.

a) idea champions

b) persons who are extremely enthusiastic about sth

c) scapegoats

4. What is the best way of remedying this situation.

a) correcting, improving

b) reducing the number of

c) avoiding

5. With pluck and luck he began buying up small and troubled securities houses.

a) reluctance

b) pity

c) courage and determination

6. He will feel confident to undertake a new iob.

a) to make yourself responsible for sth and start doing it

b) to agree or promise that you will do sth

c) to resign

7. You will be able to check upon progress and even sour it on a little.

a) make public

b) desire it more

c) make it happen faster or sooner

8. She has managed to sell herself and her product to the nation through adroit PR.

a) to accept money or reward from sb for doing sth

b) to persuade sb that sth is a good idea, product

c) to demonstrate its best qualities

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