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2 (Units 4-6)

I. Put the correct form of the verb in the gaps.

1. The companies ... the environmental issue for a long time.

a) discuss

b) have discussed

c) have been discussing

2. The industries ... the land, water and wildlife over the centuries.

a) contaminated

b) have been contaminating

c) are contaminating

3. Scientists ... about transborder pollution at the conference yesterday.

a) have talked

b) talked

c) had talked

4. Local officials ... an offending enterprise for 2 years before the court handled their claims.

a) had been suing

b) were suing

c) sued

5. Recycling enthusiasts ... the merits of different recycling schemes at 5 oclock yesterday.

a) had debated

b) had been debating

c) were debating

6. Human activity... concentration of green-house gases over the last century.

a) boosted

b) has boosted

c) was boosting

7. Tylenol sales sank to 20% of their previous level because 61% of Tylenol users ... using the product.

a) discontinued

b) had discontinued

c) have discontinued

8. In the recent national poll for Business Week, 58% of the respondents ... the ethical standards of business executives as only fair and poor.

a) rated

b) have rated

c) have been rating

II. Choose the appropriate word to complete these sentences.

1. The council published a book for socially... consumers.

a) conscious

b) bothered

c) friendly

2. The company ... $5 million to charities in their community.

a) allocated

b) donated

c) extracted

3. He submitted a ... resume

a) fraudulent

b) illegal

c) artificial

4. The Grand Thornton accounting firm paid $80 million to settle... filed against it.

a) issues

b) debates

c) suits

5. He had missed the ... in two annual audits intentionally.

a) manager

b) case

c) ruse

6. The Government had been taking action to reduce tobacco ... for a year before the law was ratified.

a) consumption

b) misuse

c) overdosage

7. Many companies took action to ... smokers and non-smokers.

a) tolerate

b) reconcile

c) argue

8. S moking leads to serious health ...

a) hazards

b) pollution

c) contamination

III. Fill in the blanks in these sentences choosing the words from the list below.

  • 1. The employees were... some invironmental smoke as they breathed.
  • 2. He was ... himself to health risks then.
  • 3. The boy had been ... like a resentful and hostile child for two weeks.
  • 4. What are the alternatives to ... fossil fuel?
  • 5. The enhanced sensitivity to the ... of disposal facilities has resulted in a reevaluation of waste management approaches.
  • 6. Some users are willing to consider ... garbage for the nice clean raw material hes using.
  • 7. Moral managers pursue business objectives that involve simultaneously ... a profit and engaging in legal and ethical behaviours.
  • 8. One of the aspects of unethical behaviour is ... malicious rumours about rival companies in an effort to discredit and undermine them.

a) making e) siting

b) using f) behaving

c) inhaling g) substituting

d) planting h) exposing

IV. Find a suitable interpretation for the underlined words and word combinations in these sentences.

1. Unethical behaviour may be manifested in the mispresentations of the amount of charitable contributions actually going to those being helped.

a) the absence of presentation

b) falsification

c) untimely presentation

2. Ethical companies make philanthropic contributions to demonstrate their commitment to ethical principles.

a) a promise to fulfill

b) willingness to observe

c) readiness to send to prison

3. The aim of the company was honest and its aspirations grandiose.

a) prospects

b) pronunciation of the word with an /h/ sound

c) a strong desire to do sth

4. One of the new investment companies floated shares for building pirate-proof ships.

a) sold shares for the first time

b) moved slowly on water

c) suggested an idea

5. The law barred all companies trading without a license.

a) closed companies with a bar

b) prevented them from doing sth

c) blocked the road so that they couldnt pass

6. Unethical behaviour includes undermining rival companies.

a) extricating

b) aggravating

c) making them weaker by digging under them

7. Secret speeding up the assembly line leads to fines and indictments.

a) charges

b) a written statement accusing of a crime

c) firing

8. Delegation of authority may also encourage unethical behaviour.

a) the process of giving sb work or responsibilities that would usually be yours

b) a group of people who represent an organization

c) accompanying

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