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10. Ajob-seeking situation

Exercise 1. Read this conversation and reproduce it in pairs.

  • We need an Office Manager badly. We have advertized both externally and internally. We have spent a lot of time on sorting applications and interviewing short-listed candidates. But all in vain. What do you think we can do?
  • What are the reasons for this?
  • Strange as it might seem, the candidates dont meet our requirements.
  • What exactly do they lack?
  • You see, when we clarified our responsibilities they looked unprepared.
  • What did you ask them to do?
  • Well, the usual things like arranging presentations, making reports and accounts, making telephone calls...
  • That is really strange. If I were you, I would ask your employees to start a quest.
  • Do you think it will be faster?

Exercise 2. Fill in the numbered blanks (16) in this conversation using the sentences (AF) below.

  • How old are you?
  • 1 am twenty.
  • Are you working at the moment?
  • Of course, I am.
  • 1 cant (1)... my parents. 1 hate asking them for pocket money because my needs are great.
  • Are you working (2)... or part-time?
  • When I go to the University I do part-time work, but in summer I can afford to work full-time.
  • How did you (3)... your current job? Did you go to (4)... ?
  • No, I didn't. I found it on (5)... .
  • Why did you decide to start working?
  • My job gives me (6)... and it is very important. When I graduate from the University, I will be more confident than my groupmates.

A. ... sponge on...


C. ...full-time...

D. ... the job search site...

E. ... the Career Advisory Office.

F. ...experience...

Exercise 3. Act out the following roles using the hints and the information on the cards.

Card 1

You are a Personnel Manager. You have to make a worker redundant. Discuss this situation with the candidates for dismissal. Make up a list of important features he/she lacks and suggest an unemployment benefit. Offer him/her a replacement._

Card 2

You are a candidate for dismissal. You are the only bread winner in the family. If you are unemployed, your family won't survive. Tell the Personnel Manager that you can't lose the job. Ask for a replacement. You are ready to do any job.

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