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IV. Pair work

1. The best employee of the month

Exercise 1. Read this conversation and reproduce it in pairs.

  • Whats your job?
  • I'm a manager.
  • What are your responsibilities?
  • I organize market research. I'm in charge of setting and monitoring sales targets. I also evaluate new business opportunities.
  • Do you work much?
  • Oh, yes. My days are hectic. I have an assistant, of course. But I seldom delegate tasks. I try to do most of the work myself.
  • Do you work with customers?
  • Oh, meeting customers takes most of my time. My secretary makes appointments with numerous visitors and helps me organize meetings and discussions. 1 often take part in conferences and presentations where I make reports.

Exercise 2. Fill in the numbered blanks (16) in this conversation using the sentences (AF) below.

  • Do you like your job?
  • -(1)_
  • What are you in charge of?
  • -(2)_
  • Is your job time-consuming?
  • -(3)_
  • When do you get to work? Do you work fixed hours?
  • -(4)_
  • Do you always attain set objectives?
  • -(5)_
  • Do you ever delegate your responsibilities to your subordinates?
  • -(6)_

A. Yes, I'm busy all the time.

B. My priority function is to entertain visiting customers and suppliers.

C. I'm dedicated to it.

D. Fortunately, Im on flexi time. I can't get up early.

E. I try to. But sometimes things may go wrong.

F. No. In my opinion, it is fraught with problems.

Exercise 3. Act out the following roles using the hints and the information on the cards.

Card 1

You are a reporter from The Business News. Interview the Export Sales Manager. Ask him/her about the job:

  • position in the company
  • job responsibilities
  • working hours
  • experience in dealing with people
  • overwork
  • business trips
  • delegating work

Card 2

You are an Export Sales Manager. You are responsible for signing contracts with foreign partners. You often receive your overseas partners and suppliers and go on business trips. You work fixed hours. Sometimes you take extra workloads. You know how to deal with people of different cultural backgrounds. When you are on a business trip, you delegate your tasks to your deputy._

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