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The Participle

Exercise 1. Translate these sentences from English into Russian paying attention to the Participle.

  • 1. Quality has become the philosophers’ stone of management practice with consultants and gurus vying to charm lead-laden corporations into gold-winning champions.
  • 2. Stories abound of base companies with morose workers and mounting debts being transformed into happy teams and healthy profits.
  • 3. One of the most hallowed doctrines of Quality is that of zero defects.
  • 4. While Quality has its own reward in terms of increased long-term sales, the methods used to achieve this Quality also have other benefits.
  • 5. The idea that people are the most valuable resource to improve Quality gave rise to a new managerial philosophy aimed at the empowerment of the workforce, active worker involvement in the company’s advancement.
  • 6. Management has to train the workforce using peer-coaching.
  • 7. Another outcome of Just-In-Time flow control has been the increased flexibility of the production line.
  • 8. When the solution comes, praise it by rewarding the whole team.
  • 9. You must create the environment where each team member feels totally free to express an idea or concern and this can only be done if there is no stigma attached to being incorrect.
  • 10. By insisting on this format, you provide the plan-owners with a simple mechanism for peer recognition (through the displayed notice board) and yet enable them to manage their own failure with grace.
  • 11. Having been built into your team, Quality becomes your second nature.
  • 12. When taught how to improve Quality, managers avoided rework and defects.

Exercise 2. Find participles in these sentences and translate the sentences.

  • 1. The quality improved, the workers felt more confidence.
  • 2. Being provided with a notice board and flip-charts for Quality programs the workers recorded the results of their work.
  • 3. Having spotted a modification in the design the manager gave it priority over the immediate schedule.
  • 4. The results achieved showed the company’s priorities.
  • 5. The support provided led to double profits.
  • 6. Having provided self-checking and easy testing routine the company increased productivity.
  • 7. One of the least-used sources of quality in design and production in the engineering world is documentation.
  • 8. Monitoring Quality companies are predicting problem areas.

Exercise 3. Transform these sentences replacing attribute and adverbial clauses with participles.

  • 1. The themes that regard customer satisfaction can be developed with respect to so called internal customers.
  • 2. When customer expectations were satisfied the company began thinking about their profits.
  • 3. As the quality was checked beforehand during the manufacturing process, there was no need to test the completed product.
  • 4. Engineers who were solving the problem were rewarded.
  • 5. While they were working on this project they focused on Quality.
  • 6. If managers use the proven methods in the production process, they secure excellent results.
  • 7. When the workforce was taught how to analyse problems and how to take decisions, the management went on to improve the quality of their product.
  • 8. If the Team Leader applies the principles of Quality to an established team, he can enjoy the benefits so actively sought by large corporations.

Exercise 4. Translate these sentences from Russian into English.

  • 1. Контроль качества — это процесс, способствующий конкурентоспособности предприятия.
  • 2. Только добившись повышения качества выпускаемой продукции, руководство может рассчитывать на увеличение прибылей.
  • 3. Процесс устранения брака, который обычно занимает больше времени, чем изготовление самого изделия, повлек за собой повышение затрат.
  • 4. Когда менеджера попросили объяснить преимущества нового подхода, он начал своё сообщение с рассказа о новых методах осуществления контроля качества.
  • 5. Включив контроль качества в программу переподготовки специалиста, вы обеспечите своей компании быстрый успех и процветание.
  • 6. После того как понятие «контроль качества» стало осознаваться всеми, его стали внедрять в работу компаний и фирм.
  • 7. Если приучить работников компании к мысли о необходимости контроля качества, можно избежать многих неприятных проблем.
  • 8. Настаивая на контроле качества, менеджер позволяет подчиненным сохранять лицо.