I. Grammar

The Present Simple

Exercise 1. Translate these sentences from English into Russian paying attention to Present Simple forms.

  • 1. The standard working day in the United Kingdom and the USA starts at 9:00 and lasts till 5 p.m.
  • 2. Some businesses and industries traditionally work different hours.
  • 3. Most employees have a five-day working week, Monday to Friday.
  • 4. The weekend usually starts on Friday night and lasts till Monday.
  • 5. The directors appoint one of their number to the position of managing director to be in charge of the day-to-day running of the company.
  • 6. Administrative questions come into the sphere of the company secretary under instructions of the board of directors.
  • 7. A secretary helps in organization of meetings and conferences, entertainments of visiting customers, suppliers and other associates of the firm.
  • 8. Secretaries use various office equipment, like microcomputers, fax machines, photocopying machines and others.
  • 9. General Managers attend a lot of meetings and deal with disgruntled customers.
  • 10. Market Managers organize market research, cooperate with the sales representatives and agents on the detailed implementation work.
  • 11. Export Sales Managers check import-export regulations, safety standards, documentation, insurance, transport, etc.
  • 12. Export Sales Managers lead and motivate the export team sales, set and monitor sales targets, negotiate contracts with major clients, evaluate and develop new business opportunities for both the product and the market.

Exercise 2. Make these sentences interrogative.

  • 1. The interview gives the candidate the chance to find out more about the company.
  • 2. Countries buy and sell various goods as well as various services.
  • 3. Business transactions usually start with enquiries.
  • 4. In the enquiry the prospective buyer states what exactly he wants and asks for details on the price and terms of sale.
  • 5. The offer usually quotes the price and stipulates terms of delivery, terms of payment, time of delivery and some other necessary details.
  • 6. Computers provide security and safety of various processes.
  • 7. They diagnose numerous cases and do a lot in monitoring different developments.
  • 8. Some computers contain government archives, university databases, library catalogues, messages about any subject.

Exercise 3. Make these sentences negative.

  • 1. Business newspapers often publish advertisements of vacancies.
  • 2. Many companies often operate a bonus system for monthly and weekly-paid staff.
  • 3. Employees pay taxes in a different way.
  • 4. Many accountants have special certificates after they pass examinations in Institute of Accountants.
  • 5. Junior employees in large companies often practise accounting and take the examinations.
  • 6. A Profit and Loss Statement or a Profit and Loss Account shows the income or loss of the company for the period.
  • 7. Hector Grant wants to go there at once and try to open up a new market.
  • 8. When Mr. Grant comes into the office the secretary tells him about the appointments.

Exercise 4. Translate these sentences from Russian into English.

  • 1. Многие компании не предлагают своим сотрудникам бонусы.
  • 2. Наш исполнительный директор назначает встречи с партнерами через секретаря.
  • 3. Наш предполагаемый покупатель запрашивает условия платежа.
  • 4. Секретарь обычно посылает запросы по электронной почте.
  • 5. Отчет об убытках и прибылях показывает доходы компании.
  • 6. Многие директора имеют заместителей.
  • 7. Вы всегда принимаете на работу только людей с опытом работы?
  • 8. Сколько вопросов вы обычно задаете претендентам на должность?
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