Английский язык для современных менеджеров

Введение I. Grammar The Present Simple The Present Continuous The Present Perfect The Present Perfect Continuous The Past Simple/Past Perfect The Past Continuous/ Past Perfect Continuous The Future Simple The Future Continuous The Future Perfect The Passive Voice The Sequence of Tenses in Reported Speech Modal Verbs Conditionals The Infinitive The Complex Object The Complex Subject The Participle The Gerund II. Topics 1. A day in a company 2. Business travel 3. Time management 4. Environmental issues 5. Managerial ethics 6. Social responsibility 7. Information technology 8. The role of foreign languages in cross-cultural business environment 9. Computers in business 10. The job market 11. Shopping 12. Customer rights and responsibilities 13. Intrapreneurship 14. Mass media in the business world 15. Managerial communication 16. Entrepreneurship 17. Quality control 18. The art of delegation III. Texts for retelling 1. A manager’s job 2. Cruise ships and trains court corporate meetings 3. Time and its control 4. ВНР makes a pipe dream come true 5. The day the bubble burst 6. Behind-the-scenes skills at carnegie hall 7. Sabotage and security breaches 8. Results of poor cross cultural awareness 9. Hotel computers that know just what guests will want 10. How to find your dream job 11. How to shop 12. Tigerdirect unlawfully restrains and verbally abuses customer for not submitting to receipt-showing demands 13. Techniques for enhancing group creativity and the use of communication channels 14. The russians are coming - but why? 15. His happy light is on 16. Woman with sauce 17. Building quality 18. Staggered development IV. Pair work 1. The best employee of the month 2. Travel wisely 3. Where does time go? 4. Green Issues 5. Is it easy to overstep the mark? 6. Delayed gratitude 7. Can we rely on computers wholeheartedly? 8. Business across cultures 9. Computers work wonders 10. Ajob-seeking situation 11. Is shopping a nightmare? 12. Dealing with disgruntled customers 13. Idea champions 14. Digital media 15. Improving business communication 16. Who are entrepreneurs? 17. Principles of Quality Control 18. How to delegate more effectivelyПроверочные тесты 1 (Units 1-3) 2 (Units 4-6) 3 (Units 7-9) 4 (Units 10-13) 5 (Units 14-18) Test (Units 1-18)ЗаключениеСписок литературы
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